Know Your Rights Training - March 5

In this time of discord, challenge, power struggles,  aggression, frustration and sadness, sometimes the only thing to do is to keep moving and keep pushing.  The first month of not my president's term has been brutal.  I have marched, attended NVDA training, strengthened my understanding of pipelines and their environmental effects, attended meetings, formed partnerships, getting out to coffee more to connect with people from my past and present circles.  Community bonding is strong.  They respond when I call and vice versa.  Even my sister in law Jackie told me that she was taking her account out of Wells Fargo and putting it in another bank.  Indirect action at its best.

South King County Resistance Collective is a group that first met on Nov 9, 2016 the day after Trump's election.  The meeting was held in a room that had regular AA meetings just one floor above.  In the basement, over 100 people gathered in three circles to share collective thoughts and fears with each other. 

It was raw.  It was powerful.  It was diverse.  It fed my soul.  My people were in pain.

I attended Non Violent Direct Action Training and Know Your Rights Training a month ago with 350Seattle and I've become more involved in at least helping spread the word about how to stay safe during a protest.  These folks are serious!  I loved the training and left the NVDA and KYR with more appreciation for the sacrifice and courage of folks who put their bodies out there on the line to protect our rights.  I've asked the National Lawyers Guild to come to the South end to do a Know Your Rights Training on March 5 Sunday from 2 to 330 that will be open to the community.  The training will be in the  King County Library Renton Highlands.  Please come and bring your friends!  Maybe we'll make some crafts as well. 

There are many things we can keep doing.  More pipelines will be proposed and the protests will continue.  If not pipelines it will be something else.  The default position of our society is changing and we are all fighting to keep our balance...please continue to take care of yourselves and stay hopeful and stay busy! Here's the facebook events page:  See you soon!  Makibaka - we are all in this together....