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Over the weekend I attended the first half of a week long workshop on Philippine Ancestral Medicine or Ninunong Gamot. Our teacher Angela Angel is a Bay Area certified herbalist, traditional medicine teacher and healer,  you can find out more about her here,  Her teaching Assistant, Julz Ignacio, is a new friend and an amazing resource in finding good, organic, local sources and farmers for some of the traditional plants commonly used in the Islands back in the day and in some cases, until today.

My first personal experience with traditional medicine was during the healing process that followed my first childbirth.  I had an episiotomy and like any wound, takes time to heal.  Our kapitbahay (neighbor) brought some guava leaves fresh from the tree, and my mom boiled it and cooled it.  I used the liquid to wash myself for about a day or two and my recovery was amazing!

In the course, we discussed different seeds and leaves and how to use them and in what form.  We also discussed flowers…

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