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Standing up for Mauna Kea - Protect the Sacred

The University of Hawaii is building a 30 foot telescope on top of Mauna Kea, a sacred site for Native Hawaiians. Think of it as someone trying to stab your grandmother, it’s destructive to the culture, the people, the land. When someone comes and takes possession of a land without permission, then that is war, it is colonization. This is what academia is actually doing. It is no longer science, it is colonization. The University of Hawaii must end the desecration of Mauna Kea. Work with the Native Hawaiian people on a new location satisfactory to both. The University of Washington must join and be co-resistors on behalf of the people of Hawaii. I call upon the University of Washington President and Board of Regents to use their influence, their leadership and their privilege to end the colonization of Mauna Kea NOW!

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