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Hey D-O-C!

To the Department of Corrections Staff looking at my online profile:

Greetings and welcome to my blog!  Yes I am a real person who cares deeply about someone in your control in Airway Heights.  I know what you are doing and I am taking notes and evidence regarding your abusive practices:
writing up inmates for small stuff (like laying down while watching tv) to keep inmates incarcerated beyond their release time to keep Airway Heights in business, and your salaries paid in full by the families of the inmate; refusal to provide medical and rehabilitation services;fraudulently taking families' money meant for inmates (55 cents of every dollar sent for an inmate's spendable goes to DOC) - remember this money is used to buy ramen noodles, meat sticks, etcfeeding inmates garbage and fake meat every day, 24/7using illegal tactics to remove inmates' earned privileges and good time

Friends - if you have any family or friends who are currently incarcerated please know that the insti…

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