I have a new niece! Her name is Madeleine Joelle. Her nickname is Maddie, born May 16 at 8.5 lbs. to my sister Jehlee and her hubby Joel. I love this picture of me, Maddie and Mia. Maddie looks like she's laughing at the camera...someone said I looked real happy here. I was and I think this little girl has a very special place in my heart already! I love that she looks like a boy, i know she's not but she has that look, maybe cause she looks like her Dad. She's very very pretty. I love her name too. Proud auntie, that's what i am!

Maddie and Auntie Marie!

Mia is already a good big sister!

I love this picture - she seems so aware, like she knows something we don't...sweet!


sandy w. said…
Those 2 are the cutest little people!!! congratulations auntie!