Tulip Festival!

Yesterday a couple of friends from work and I spent the day taking pictures and practicing with our cameras at the Tulip Festival in Mt. Vernon, WA. In all the 28 years that I have lived here, I had never been so yesterday was a good sunny day to finally go! We had a blast taking pictures and generally creating a ruckus at the fields. We were doing our Tyra poses and giving the flowers something to smile about! Above is a picture of a school bus that was parked in the middle of the field. We figured it was there to give people a place to rest from the heat while they are picking or cutting flowers.

This is a flaming parrot variety of tulips. I did get a bunch of tulips and this was one variety i picked up. I love that the colors are flaming red orange and yellow.

For this one, I put the camera down low to the ground. Not sure if I had the 50 mm lens or my zoom lens on this. It was trial and error but it was cool to take a chance and just shoot and find out later what i took. I loved some of the ones I ended up with. Brilliant!
Ruusengaarde Field had a frog that people were posing with so I got down on all fours to give it a big kiss. It did not turn into a prince (or princess!) Nevertheless, i still looked ridiculous on all fours. Hah!
This is one of the photos I loved. I loved the orange with the blue sky, i might send this out to be printed professionally so I can frame it. Brilliant!
I think this was Tulip Town, the first one we went to. I still looked semi-fresh in this one, but as the morning and day rolled on, it got hotter and hotter and dustier and dustier!

Another stately bloom, i loved the color of this one...

I really enjoyed the contrast of the yellow line against the blue/white sky on this. The flowers looked amazingly flat. It might have had something to do with my setting on the camera but I really liked how it ended up.

Ah, brilliant!!

Jennifer, me and Maria, my fellow tiptoers through the tulips!

Love the red flowers against the yellow bus. This was definitely with my 200 mm zoom lens. This row seemed to stretch for a mile long! I enjoyed the day trip and used up a lot of gigs on my memory card. I have more pictures that I will print (instead of publish) so I can frame them. So happy I got a chance to do this!