No longer ABD (all but dissertation)

Yes, i defended last May 22- I passed! My topic was "Professional Development in Medical Education - Using a Motivational Framework to Increase Cultural Competence Skills". Sounds complicated? But it's not. It was a qualitative study over a 6 month period of time from October to March. It was challenging but fun. My powerpoint was about 45 minutes. I had a conference room, and about 20 people attended. Most of my coworkers, my committee and a couple of guests. I had a great party afterwards, attended by family and friends. I partied too much and somewhere i am told there is a video and photos of mr crumping with victor. Hah! Funny! It was worth it though, since it took me 13 years to finish this dang degree! That whole memorial day weekend was just a big celebration for me - it was great to spend it with so many family and friends....
My coworkers gave me this balloon and a bouquet of roses!

The calm before the storm, as ready as I would ever get for my presentation. This was the Smart Room (a contradiction, for sho) and it was so hot in this room. By the time I got done, my shirt was soaked with sweat!


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sandy w. said…
Woohoo!!!! Knew you had the power for the pressure! Congratulations again!!!
CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so happy for you!
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