calling 911

well we did fall two times today - once at 2 in the morning in the bathroom and the second time at 10 am in our bedroom. the bathroom fall, me and jamila picked him up after much struggle for about 20 minutes. it was like picking up a 265 pound weight since matthew had no strength in his legs but we got him up after a while.

the second fall, i couldn't handle by myself. he was just unable to move his legs. i called eric and 911. dan happened to be here to drop off my laptop, so he got to help too. it took 4 strong men to pick him up and they finally put him in his hospital bed where he is right now.

he's been in bed all day, going from sleeping to struggling to get up, to eating...the nurse came and took a look at him and said he must have had a mild stroke because he is unable to move his leg, unable to talk in complete sentences, etc. the firemen checked his vitals and they were ok though. the thought of him having had a stroke on top of all this certainly could explain some of the sudden downturn, but it also adds just one more layer of frustration for him.

as pissed as he is at me for not letting him get up anymore, he is still sweet. even though he calls me by his sister's name, he tried to sneak a big sloppy kiss a couple of times while i was propping him up. he gives me a sweet hug in between the persistent orders to help him stand up. i love him so much it hurts my heart.

i missed a couple of things today - the caucus and craft day. instead i had a housefull of people helping me prop up my hubby.