trouble in mindanao

we also went to the cemetery to visit my brother Joel's grave. Also went to Sta. Clara Monastery to offer prayers for family and friends.

the ground was soaking/sinking wet from all the rain. we were trying to squat lower on the ground but afraid we wouldnt be able to get back up!

this isn't our car - it's janice's...

this is my mom and her granddaughter pau.

this is actually padre pio church...

well the milf (moro islamic liberation front) forces are inching towards kapatagan this evening. all the male residents were called to a meeting to discuss the events of the day and to prepare them for the coming violence and troubles ahead. in many ways it is good my family is here in manila instead of there. in other ways it is REAL GOOD we didn't go there last week to visit, otherwise we would be stuck in the south. all modes of transportation have been cut off and discontinued. the concern right now is with family and friends down there, who are unable to leave. this is an uneasy night, no one will be able to sleep well at all.

despite the troubling events of this evening, my aunt and uncles still got together to chat and spend time together. these events are unfortunately, common, in the town where my family is from (lanao del norte). that is why I haven't been able to go home in more than 25 years. we had a mini family reunion even though our hearts are heavy with concern and fear.

this is carl, mark, auntie dora, with my sisters cherry and sally

group picture

mom, uncle herculo and uncle ching
cousins carlo and annie

the four dequina siblings - uncle, auntie filipinas, mamaluz and uncle herculo
the dequina family

group photo

most of the crew

Overall today was a good day, despite the problems down south. i only hope for a quick and safe resolution.


jehlee said…
i am sooooo jealous! you are so lucky to have been able to spend time with the dequina family especially the family from lanao. so glad you shared the pictures in your blogsite. i'm so happy you were able to spend time with them. this was a great trip indeed!